Yes, you can join the draw and purchase the ticket from our website www.bhatkantitourism.com

The Participant must have a valid form of identification to be able to join.

Customer must be above 18yrs allowed to purchase raffle ticket.


For your E-Ticket, an email is send to your account with an E-ticket attachment. You can even find our E-ticket in your order History.

The Email Confirmation should be received immediately, please double check your junk email as it may have been sent there.

Check with your bank first if you can use your debit card to purchase the BHATKANTI TOURISM Ticket

We do refund In case of technical issues when buying from the web before the draw date. Any request for refund for both online and counter purchases AFTER the draw will not be entertained.

You can buy the tickets online at www.bhatkantitourism.com or in our Stores Location.


We are Open Monday through Saturday from 10.30am to 08.00pm.

Our office is located At Airoli Navi Mumbai in INDIA.

The complete list of winners is posted on our website, www.bhatkantitourism.com and in our Counters.


Manual tickets are sold to customers whenever there are no facilities available to print a computerized ticket. Manual tickets are entered into the draw in the same way as computerized tickets.

The draw is conducted manually every month in our branch / Event Hall Supervised by BHATKANTI TOURISM. Draw Dates are Publicly Announced on our Website and social media Channels.

The BHATKANTI TICKET is INR.500; currently we are running a promo wherein you can get 1 free Ticket if you Purchased Online 2 Tickets in one Transaction.

NO. You must use exact name written on the form of identification that you are going to present.

If it is bought from web, we can provide a copy but if it is a manual ticket, it is subject to extensive verification to prove that you are the actual ticket holder.

If you notice the discrepancy prior to the draw, you can call our customer service number to change the id number.

If you are foreign national living in the US, you can only purchase from the web not on the counter.

There is no cap or limit to the total number of participants per month.

We have a set Schedule for Securely Bringing the web tickets to the raffle drum every Week. To Track your Ticket, you may call our customer service at +91 7718871710.

Stay tuned With BHATKANTI TOURISM MUMBAI INDIA Face book on the Draw day for live video. In the meantime, you can go to the live draw usually held every first week of the month in our Branch / Event venu.

Once you purchase the ticket online, a confirmation email will be immediately sent to you. Your E-ticket will follow and the processing time for E-tickets will be 24-48 hours. If in case after 48 hours, you still have not received your ticket, please call our customer service at +91 9920318722 / +91 7718871710 / +971 508845171.


The next Draw Date is on ___________ you may refer to www.bhatkantitourism.com for the full list of Schedule Dates.

Please refer to our website www.bhatkantitourism.com for our First draw Schedule are announced when we complete the sales of tickets.

The cash & Travel draw to win plus other Prizes takes place EVERY MONTH, in the first week of the following month. The draw is conducted monthly, no matter how many tickets are sold. Tickets Cost INR 500, and we Offer Customers a third tickets free with the purchase of two tickets.

Last Date to purchase ticket will be 30th or 31st every month & time will be 11.59 p.m for Website and For Store as per the Store Location.


BHATKANTI TOURISM Will Contact you through the contact information you provide on your ticket to inform you if you have won. Additionally, we announce the winners on the website www.bhatkantitourism.com for Cash & Travel Draw.

Yes, You Can Transfer / Gift to Relative / Friends. For That You Have To Inform Us By Call & Email. Giving us a consent letter

Any customer who wins one of the monthly Prizes will be invited to the BHATKANTI TOURISM Office in Navi Mumbai INDIA to claim their Cash Cheque & Travel Voucher. The winner must bring the same photo id used to purchase the ticket.

If you are a winner, you must bring the same identification with photo that you used to purchase the ticket as proof og identity.

Any Customer who wins one of the monthly Cash & Travel Prize will be invited to the BHATKANTI TOURISM Office to claim their winnings Cheque. For those winners who reside outside of the Mumbai India, A Bank Transfer can be made, provided that the following information is sent to BHATKANTI TOURISM office for verification. This Information includes, but not limited to the following A) Passport Copy Duly Attested by the Embassy in the respective county. B) letter addressed to BHATKANTI TOURISM by the prize winner to transfer the proceeds to the respective bank account. C) Bank address, A/C No & Swift Code and letter from this bank stating the presence of this account D) Original ticket if purchased in-store, E-ticket Print out if purchased online. E) Customer’s Contact details However, Bhatkanti Ticket does not guarantee the transfer of money to other countries due to some countries’ strict Fund Transfer Regulations.

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